3 (unpopular) Reasons Why Your Biz Needs a Website


I’ve seen “unpopular” opinions being shared online lately, and I thought it might be fun to give you three unpopular – but very real – reasons YOUR business needs a website.

1. A Website Saves You Money

Wait – what? I thought it COSTS money to create a website? Well, duh – of course it does! But in the long run, having ONE place where people can learn about your business, book your services, contact you, etc. saves you a ton of time from having to be everywhere. And time = money, baby.

2. A Website Weeds Out the Crazies

Yup – I said it. Not everyone who comes to your website will be an ideal customer and that’s a good thing! Your website is another tool in your branding toolbox that helps attract the right customers and repel the wrong ones. Whether it’s showcasing your pricing, your vibe, your services – if someone doesn’t like what they see, they probably aren’t a good fit for your business anyway. Let them leave!

3. Everyone Else is Doing it

I usually hate trendy sh*t, but this one is too tough to ignore. Your competitors likely have a website, and when your ideal customer is consider where they should spend their money, you HAVE to be in the digital playing field. Simply having an Instagram account is NOT enough to build credibility, showcase your professionalism, and communicate to the world that you do, indeed, have a REAL business.

And now for some fun – what’s your best unpopular opinion? Here are some of mine…I really, really don’t like Taylor Swift, dark chocolate makes me gag and baths freak me out.

If you’re ready to launch your own dream site, check out our Website in a Day or Website in a Week services.

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