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small business marketing consultant

We infuse the power of your brand with expert storytelling and psychology to help your business get the visibility (and sales) it deserves. No band-aid solutions or one-off quick fixes here. Our big-picture approach to marketing is connection-based and results-driven.

Our capabilities include: 

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Campaign Ideation & Execution
  • Omni-channel Marketing Consulting
  • Email Marketing 
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Photoshoot Planning 
  • Funnel Planning & Build Out 

Let us psych up your marketing

Stand out from the crowd

  • Lead Magnet Development
  • SEO Blog Writing
  • Website Design & Development (Showit, Squarespace, Shopify only)
  • Website Copywriting
  • Website SEO
  • Photography/Videography
Because every business is different, most marketing services are custom quoted. 

If you’re not sure exactly what your business needs, we recommend you start with our personalized Daring Rx™ service. Your investment will then be applied toward your custom proposal.

Your business isn't average; your marketing shouldn't be either.

Stand out from the crowd

let us psych up your marketing

Your business isn't average; your marketing shouldn't be either.


bookings increase

A wellness provider experienced a 5x in bookings within 60 days of implementing a done-for-you marketing strategy and updated brand messaging to differentiate her positioning.


A high-end luxury jeweler doubled their revenue within a year of our team refining and elevating their messaging and website to attract higher end clientele.


A beauty product business CEO raved about saving 10+ hours weekly with the email automations we set up and design templates we provided, freeing her up to be more creative and sell more.

10 HRS



An esthetics spa tripled their monthly revenue and experienced a nearly 10x return on their investment from our work on their social media and email marketing within 4 months.

revenue increase


build a cult of brand believers

Brand fans might post about your product or company once or twice, but brand believers take it to the next level.

They tell all of their friends.
They obsessively shop with you.
They support all of the things you do - and come back for more.

Our approach to marketing is to build brand believers that amplify your message and get your business the visibility it deserves. 

marketing that makes your life simpler

Forget "fans" for your brand

Unlike other agencies that offer one-off services, we offer holistic solutions to your biggest problem:

"How do I do less and actually make more profit?"

We're expert problem solvers that can pinpoint the exact levers we need to pull to get you more customers and more revenue without spending all your money on ads.

By looking at the bigger picture of your brand, messaging, customer journey and marketing funnels, we'll create a powerful marketing strategy that makes your customer excited to "add to cart."

Don't just create brand fans

let us build brand believers

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We offer done-for-you marketing strategy you're equipped to implement on your own to full omni-channel management.

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Telling your brand's story and seeing your community grow and thrive? There's no better feeling (well, except for the bottom line growing, too!).




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