We practically burned our branding agency to the ground. And no, it’s not because it wasn’t successful. When we first started Daring Creative, we very quickly niched down. We “fell” into the beauty service industry because our founder, Sasha Fedunchak, previously owned a spray tanning salon. Once she started her branding agency, she found success quickly because of referral after referral from the industry. It sounds great – but it’s not a long-term, sustainable strategy for business growth.

Moreover, what we found was these businesses were struggling with much more than branding and websites. With Sasha’s experience in corporate communications and marketing, we were starting to feel unethical about only providing branding or a website, knowing that that wasn’t going to be enough to get that business owner to where they wanted to go.

That’s why we decided to shift to Daring Haus.

Daring Haus: A Shift In Business Growth Strategies

We’re doing what everyone tells you not to do. Instead of offering just one type of agency, we’re creating a Business Growth advisory with a Creative and Marketing Agency attached. Our core central belief is that all aspects of a business are connected and there is no single strategic move that will guarantee success.

After almost three years and supporting over 150 small businesses, we’re letting go of the idea of niching down and instead focusing on business growth and what business growth strategies mean for companies. This includes financial operations, where our incredible CFO and head of business strategy is supporting our clients through the important foundational steps in their business. We’re going to continue to offer branding and brand strategy, marketing services, and consulting services around culture and leadership.

By bringing together a team of incredible experts, we can now offer the support that small businesses want and need to scale faster, more sustainably, reach their goals, and get off of the hamster wheel of DIYing everything.

Uncover Your Daring Factor: Business Strategy And Insights

Throughout her corporate career, Sasha was deeply embedded in things such as employee engagement and working with CEOs and C-level leadership on cultivating influence within big organizations internally, as well as externally to win that massive market influence that they were after.

Now, we’re going to be able to support our clients across all of these functions. At Daring Haus, we’re a collective of high-level experts who’ve grown within big businesses and have seen how real organizations function and grow. We’re bringing those big business strategies and insights to small businesses just like yours and uncovering and capitalizing on your business’ DARING Factor for sustainable and scalable growth.

The Back and Front Of The Haus

We’re called Daring Haus because we have a whole suite of offers for the back of the haus and the front of the haus.

The back of the haus is focused on business strategy, financial operations, setting goals, managerial accounting, and capex guidance; all of those things that a lot of small businesses don’t even think about, but if they have the support and insights there, they could rapidly grow.

Our front of the haus services help you to capture and keep attention. This is where you’ll see the branding, websites, photo shoots, video shoots, marketing, and culture and team consulting.

These are the things that are a little bit more visible and together the front and the back of the house are going to position our clients for massive market influence.


Whether you’re a startup ready to impact your industry by challenging the status quo, or you’re an established company that needs holistic gap finders to pivot you into greater profitability, Daring Haus is here to support you.

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